The Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment gratefully acknowledges the support, both strategic and financial, of its funders.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation generously supported CPCHE's partnership development phase. They went on to fund a multi-year capacity building project that assisted in creating our information-sharing network, the CPCHE website, the Secretariat, a provincial workshop strategy and a communications and health promotion strategy. Additional funding from Trillium supported our Local Champions Project, our work with Public Health Inspectors to create an environmental health Checklist for child care centres, for which the Ontario Public Health Association served as the lead CPCHE partner, and CPCHE's Healthy Retrofits project led by the Canadian Environmental Law Association. CPCHE also had the honour, together with the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, of being among the first beneficiaries of Trillium's Future Fund grant program for a collaborative project addressing the links between early environmental exposures and chronic disease in Ontario. Currently, Trillium if funding the CPCHE-led RentSafe initiative via a 3-year grant to the Environmental Heatlh Institute of Canada as the lead CPCHE partner.

The Laidlaw Foundation Environment Program shared in the idea of creating CPCHE and contributed to CPCHE's partnership development phase. Laidlaw provided early support for the CPCHE Secretariat, the creation of the CPCHE website and several research and educational projects run by CPCHE partners, including a project on pesticides.

Health Canada generously supported CPCHE's National Policy Consultation on Children's Health and Environment in Canada in 2007, for which Pollution Probe served as the lead CPCHE partner. Health Canada also provided critical support for the production of CPCHE's Vision and Strategy document First Steps in Lifelong Health in 2008. Health Canada, through its regional offices, has also supported a number of CPCHE training workshops on children's environmental health protection. Most recently, Health Canada's radon office has funded CPCHE's efforts to promote radon awareness and action, including the radon vanguard initaitive in the child care sector, the development of the Home Safety for your Kids's Sake: Check it Today national campaign, and a Fall 2015 workplace radon action challenge program led by Pollution Probe. 

CPCHE's "top 5 tips" awareness-raising initiative for new and prospective parents on reducing toxic exposures in the home was made possible by a sponsorship from the Government of Ontario. 

The Public Health Agency of Canada provided multi-year funding from 2006-2009, via the Canadian Child Care Federation , for CPCHE's "Engage, Enable, Empower" training and outreach program that helped build awareness and capacity on children's environmental health protection in nine provinces across Canada. These outreach programs built upon our highly successful Playing it Safe workshop series conducted in collaboration with, and funded by Best Start , Ontario's maternal, newborn and early child development resource centre.

A number of additional funders have supported specific CPCHE endeavors. The following entities provided financial support for CPCHE's National Policy Consultation:

Alberta Environment
Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research
British Columbia Ministry of Environment
Canadian Chemical Producers Association
Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association
Canadian Petroleum Products Institute
Health Canada
Max Bell Foundation
The Government of Ontario
Shell Canada

Finally, the work of CPCHE would not be possible without the generous and ongoing in-kind support of the individual CPCHE partner organizations .

Contact the Executive Director if you would like to support the work of CPCHE.

The Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) does not endorse or promote specific products, brands or for-profit entities. Editorial decisions about topics and information to be presented on this website are at the discretion of the website editor and the CPCHE Coordinating Committee and are not influenced in any way by funders or supporters.