CPCHE envisions an equitable society that recognizes the critical links between the physical environment and human health, and in which…

  • All children breathe clean air , both indoors and out, and consume safe food and drinking water ;
  • Precautionary policies and programs are in place which prevent environmental exposures from harming the vulnerable stages of fetal development, infancy and childhood, in recognition of the fact that exposures during the earliest stages of life are powerful determinants of health in later years;
  • Children are protected from the risks posed by environmental contaminants including toxic substances associated with the production, use and disposal of consumer products; and
  • The body burdens of environmental contaminants in each subsequent generation of children born in Canada are progressively reduced .

Source: First Steps in Lifelong Health : A Vision and Strategy for Children's Health and Environment in Canada (CPCHE, 2008, page 2).

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