CPCHE's video, brochure and tip cards provide families and expectant parents with practical, low-cost tips for reducing children's exposures to toxic chemicals in the home

BPA. Phthalates. Flame retardants. Lead. Parents are increasingly concerned about the potential effects of these and other toxic chemicals on the health of their children. CPCHE's new series of outreach materials offers five simple, low-cost tips that families and expectant parents can take to reduce exposures to toxic substances commonly found in the home. The popular “Creating Healthy Environments for Kids” brochure, which features CPCHE’s “top 5 tips,” was launched in June 2011 in collaboration with Today’s Parent magazine. CPCHE's new video "Creating Healthy Home Environments for Kids: Top 5 Tips" was developed and pilot-tested in collaboration with public health departments and community centres throughout Ontario, and was launched at the Best Start Resource Centre's annual conference in February 2012. This outreach initiative is supported by a sponsorship from the Government of Ontario, and is led by the Ontario College of Family Physicians as the lead CPCHE partner. 

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CPCHE's suite of "top 5 tips" outreach materials includes a 13-minute illustrated YouTube video, a 4-panel brochure and tip-specific rack cards:

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Media Releases

Feb 29, 2012

Public health officials, other experts see a growing need to educate parents on how to reduce children’s exposures to toxic chemicals commonly found in the home

Jun 15, 2011

If parents do just five things to safeguard their kids’ health: Dust, use green cleaning products, do renos carefully, avoid certain plastics, serve low-mercury fish

Nov 01, 2010

Scientific evidence links low doses to cancer, diabetes, obesity, and adverse effects on reproduction and brain development