Collection of materials about child health risks from indoor and outdoor air pollution

Collection of resources about pollution in people (and children) and how it is measured.

Collection of resources on health risks and safer alternatives.

Collection of on-line information about environmental links to cancer in young adults (aged 20-44 years).

A project within the Public Health Agency of Canada National Projects Fund

Collection of information about risks and safer alternatives

Reports, Fact Sheets and On-line Resources about this significant source of children's exposure to toxic substances

Materials developed in support of municipal and provincial cosmetic pesticide bans

Collection of information about toxicity and calls for regulatory action to ban these toxic chemicals

Ensuring the Integration of Children’s Environmental Health Protection into Energy Efficiency Programs

Collection of reports about indicators prepared in the US, Canada and internationally
Collection about Pressure-Treated Wood

A toxic legacy that demands the attention of all pregnant women and parents of young children.

Collection of extensive on-line resources.

Collection of on-line resources about pesticides

Canada, US and EU have all now banned six phthalates in children's products in toys

By International and National Agencies, Academics and NGOs

University and/or government-based research projects

Collection of materials for use with parents and prospective parents